About Us

Company Vision
“Our passion is to deliver the most Innovative and reliable home solutions for your convenience”

Mission Statement
To be one of the top three leading providers in the consumer durables industry offering innovative, reliable, stylish, user friendly home appliances to our consumers while providing superior value to all stakeholders concerned.

If you have any questions about our products or want more information, call us or visit our outlets in Narahenpita or at the Arrival Lounge of Badaranaiyake International Airport. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you.
About Us

Telcey was established in 2010 to bring the latest in entertainment and home appliances to the Sri Lankan market. Telcey with a strong stand on providingquality products on a competitive price, always focus on customer satisfaction and convenience.
Telcey first opened its doors to customers in the Duty Free Shop at arrival lounge of Bandaranayake International Airport (BIA) in November 2010. Ranking amongst the top 10 of duty free shops at BIA, Telcey has gone from strength to strength, and is currently in the process of expanding their reach and the product range.
Following on from the success of the duty free shop, Telcey Services opened their flagship store in Narahenpita in March 2011, where INDESIT and Pioneer Products are introduced to the local market.